Michael Brear elected as CI Fellow

Dear Colleagues,

Congratulations to Professor Michael Brear who has just been elected Fellow of the Combustion Institute. Well done Michael!



26 Feb 2020

Michael Brear elected as ATSE Fellow

Dear Colleagues,

Please join me in congratulating Professor Michael Brear, the previous secretary of our Section of the Combustion Institute, on being elected to the 2018 class of Fellows of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE). He will be formally welcomed into the Academy at its Annual Meeting in Melbourne on 23 November.

From the ATSE website:

"Professor Michael Brear is recognised internationally for transport and energy research, his advice to government and for excellence in education. He is an outstanding strategic leader and as such was appointed Director of the Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI) at the University of Melbourne in late 2016. He leads the Institute's research on the technical, economic, environmental and social impacts of energy. Professor Brear will be a strong advocate for industrially focused and impactful research in energy and transport, facilitating collaboration between industry, government agencies and researchers."

Congratulations Michael!


7 Nov 2018

Australian Combustion Summer School


The First Australian Combustion Summer School (ACSS-2018) will take place at the University of Sydney, 16-21 December 2018.

I would be grateful if you can encourage/support your students and possibly PDoc's to apply.

The deadline for applications is 5th October 2018 which is less than two weeks away (apologies for the short notice but we had to wait for funding approval).

The application site is now open and here is the link:

For accepted applicants, all expenses will be covered except for the airline ticket.

Successful applicants will be notified by the 19th of October.

Thanks a lot for your prompt assistance with this.



22 Sep 2018

Inaugural Class of Fellows of The Combustion Institute Elected


As usual Australia has done extremely well with the announcement of seven new Australian Fellows of the Combustion Institute.

Heartiest congratulations to our new Fellows:

Terry Wall, University of Newcastle, Australia for seminal advances in the knowledge of chemical and physical processes associated with pulverised coal combustion

Alexander Y. Klimenko, The University of Queensland, Australia for brilliant advances in the conditional moment closure (CMC) and conditional methods in application to combustion modelling

Brian S. Haynes, University of Sydney, Australia for breakthrough knowledge in the fields of pollutants formation, chemical processing and reactions in micro-channels

Evatt R. Hawkes, University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia for exceptional research in combustion modelling, particularly using large-scale direct numerical simulations and practical models in engine-relevant problems

G.J. (Gus) Nathan, The University of Adelaide, Australia for innovative development of low-emission combustion technologies and the enhanced understanding of soot formation and particle-laden flows

I.W. Smith, Australia for fundamental breakthroughs in the understanding of char formation, char combustion and coal combustion

Assaad R. Masri, University of Sydney, Australia for pioneering experimental investigations of turbulent gaseous and spray flames involving local extinction



25 Feb 2018